September 8, 2011

Back To the Drawing Board...Again

I've been plugging away at my current WIP for a little bit now and as far as quantity goes, it's coming along nicely. But as for quality...not so much. Not that it's terrible, because I don't think it is. There are just a handful of things that need more tweaking or further fleshing out. Like my characters, for instance:
  • The Villain:  This creepy fella is one mwah ha ha away from Scooby Doo grade ridiculosity. Seriously, the more my story progresses the more he has started to flatten out into a two-dimensional stereotypical pancake of villainy. I've had to go back and flesh out this guy a little more, making him more believable and trying to better understand his motivations. He's still a jerk, but at least I feel a bit more like he's a believable jerk.

  • The Love Interest: This cardboard cutout loverboy is rapidly approaching Gary Stu territory with a set of faulty breaks. In fact, he's becoming more "Gary" than this guy:

Animated Gifs
Creepy Creepy Gary Busey
 Or almost as bad (but not quite as creepy), a whole family of Garys:

"We are family. I've got all my Garys with me..."
Good gravy! I can't believe I just compared my story's love interest to Gary Busey (*shakes head violently like Etch A Sketch*) Must. Erase. Image. From. Head. But in all seriousness, my characters are quickly becoming caricatures which is disheartening to say the least. The planning is all there, but so far I'm kind of failing in the execution. I have to keep reminding myself that this is the roughest of rough drafts, and that there will be plenty of opportunity to add more depth to the story in general and to my characters in particular.

How about you? Run into any pitfalls or backed yourself into any corners lately with your own WIP? Any suggestions on how to make characters more believable and less like the freakazoids above?


  1. I suppose this kind of makes me a hypocrite considering my post the other day about mocking people. Oops... I'm not entirely convinced that ole Gary isn't just playing us all with this craziness though.

  2. That post is too funny. Give them a flaw. Not physical but maybe something emotional. Something that they struggle with that makes you annoyed with them at the same time, but you understand even if you don't agree with it. All the best.

  3. I'm in the editing process of my WIP and have been making my 2D characters into real 3D people. :) So yes, I know the feeling of cardboard characters. :)

  4. Ack, cardboard characters are such a pain - I agree with Ladonna though, a flaw would probably work wonders for them :) And you should know that I read this in a lecture and LOL'd so hard at your Gary Busey comment. Everyone stared. I don't mind - totally worth it :P

    Best of luck with the rough draft, keep on truckin'!

  5. Caitlin: I LOL'd at you LOL-ing during your lecture :)

    Thanks ladies for the suggestions & encouragement!


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