September 16, 2011

Friday Fives: Top 5 Ideal Writing Locations (OR Places I'd Rather Be)

Don't have a topic to blog about on Fridays? Join us for Paper Hangover's Friday Fives. This week: What are your top FIVE ideal writing locations? (Bonus points: if you include pictures!) 

When I think about ideal writing locations, I think of places where I know I would definitely be inspired. So despite the fact that more than half of my top fives look an awful lot like a list of dream vacation spots, I give you:
1) My Actual Writing Location:
Though hardly what I would call 'ideal', it seems to be working out all right for me. I'm not normally this messy, but with an upcoming move and all the things I need to remember to do with that, it's a little out of hand. Also, since I started my WIP I've managed to bury myself in an avalanche of post-it notes with various tidbits of info pertaining to my story. Over my desk I have pictures and poems that have to do with my story or that just inspire me. I'm sure if anyone were to peek in the window they might confuse it with a stalker wall or something (it's not, in case you're worried).

2) A Really Awesome Library:
This could prove to be a super huge distraction, because who wouldn't be tempted to explore the selection of books in just about any library (unless it was strictly dedicated to tax law or something equally hellish)? Nevertheless, I think being surrounded by the works of incredible authors would be truly inspiring for your own writing.
3) Inside a Castle: (This one's a two-fer)
Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany (yes, I did have to look up the spelling of this place) would be one choice. Remember the movie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"? This castle was borrowed for that movie. I think I could really feel inspired to write sitting at a desk in one of the opulent bedrooms looking out the window of this beauty. 

Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland - or pretty much anywhere in Scotland, for that matter. It could be some back alley in Glasgow and I would still feel inspired by the history, the beauty, the tartan, the men in kilts...(ha ha couldn't resist) 
4) Somewhere in the Greek Islands:
The colors, the view, the weather - I could definitely feel the creative juices flowing while sitting somewhere this amazing. I think it would be really easy to relax in a place like this, which could only be helpful in the writing process. Not to mention the history... History = Inspiration for me.
5) Wherever the Heck This Is: ---------->
I love autumn, and probably because I've always equated it with back-to-school I automatically feel brainier at this time of year. Like Pavlov's dog, when the leaves change color and begin to fall, I feel motivated to learn and create. I'm not sure where this place is, but if I could be there on a bench staring at this, I'd certainly be inspired.


  1. I would love to write from inside a castle! I might not get much writing done though. I'd want to explore :)

  2. I'm coming with you to the castle!!! Let's make it a writing retreat. :)

  3. That makes three of us digging the castle writing locale. I think a writing retreat is definitely in order! :)

  4. I love Fall--and other than my actual desk, going somewhere with pretty leaves is probably attainable for me! Great choices.

  5. Oooh, these are such beautiful shots. Definitely inspiring!

  6. Great choices. I wouldn't mind writing in a castle either.


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