September 26, 2011

RTW Reloaded

So I'm a total tool. On Wednesday during the Road Trip Wednesday 'favourite book cover' thingy, I spent a good deal of time looking for the covers of a particular favourite author: Julia Golding. I found said covers, and even lumped them all together to post here...and then completely forgot about them. Duh! Better late than never, right?

I picked up the first book (The Diamond of Drury Lane) in Julia Golding's Cat Royal series completely for the cover, at least initially. They are historical fiction and totally fun. The last two in the picture below are not part of this series, but they are equally great, and also have really beautiful covers (I love the stained glass effect in the background).

These books are really good, and I believe they fall into the MG range. Since I began reading the Cat Royal series, they have changed these covers and I really don't like their new 'faces'. Not sure why they do that.

Anyway, Happy Monday! I have some final packing to do... (which is why I'm on here, right?)


  1. This looks like a great reading list!

    You have an awesome blog here, and I am passing along the Leibster Blog Award. Details are on my blog :)


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