October 17, 2011

A Journey to the (Recent) Past

I woke up this morning to really bad radio music and something else that made me forget about the really bad radio music altogether: a 7x7 Link Award from Colin D. Smith. Thanks, Colin!

For those of you who don't know, receipt of the 7x7 Link Award gives me the opportunity to sift back through past blog posts that I've written and select one for each of the seven categories provided. Once that's complete, I then pass this award on to three of my favourite blogs, and those recipients will pass it on to three more each, and so on. Basically, it just gives followers a glimpse at past posts that they may have missed.

My blog is fairly new (August 2011), so this was definitely a challenge but it was also kind of fun. So, without any further burbling on, here are the categories and the posts I chose:

Most Beautiful:
I'm not sure that there is anything particularly 'double-rainbow' beautiful about Success, Failure, & Finding the Nerve, but since it was the first time I really put myself out there and was completely honest about personal failure, I think it merits the title.

Most Helpful
This one was tough because I'm still working on being more helpful with my posts. I think the closest I've come to helpful would be sharing how I overcome writer's block in Kicking the Crap Outta Writer's Block. Maybe somebody was able to take away something useful, I can't really say for certain.

Most Popular:
The post I got the most comments on was RTW: The Journey So Far. Judging from the comments and bits of encouragement left behind, I think many of us share the same potholes and detours on this journey.

Most Controversial:
I actually try to avoid controversial posts, though I probably shouldn't. The best I came up with is The Absent or Crappy Parent wherein I express my opinion about this topic. 'Controversial' is perhaps not the best word to describe the topic, but it does generally spark discussion (though not really in the case of this post...lol).

So very, very pretty!
Most Successful:
My post RTW: Favourite Covers was successful (to me) because it was one of the first posts where I felt like I was really beginning to connect with all of you. It brought people to my blog and made me feel all warm and fuzzy that there were others who shared my taste in books and their covers.

Most Underrated:
This category rubs me the wrong way a little because it has a certain nobody-likes-me-everybody-hates-me vibe to it. Irregardless (kidding) regardless, Random Thought Thursday seems a likely candidate. In retrospect, the lack of comments on this post can probably be attributed to the crappy title, the fact that I start out mentioning Canadian parliament (yawn), or that I wrapped up with a YouTube video of Leonard Nimoy singing "Put A Little Love In Your Heart" (to which I say, "It's Leonard Nimoy! What's not to love???").

Most Prideworthy:
I'm proud of this post not for any reason I really should be. I'm proud of Back to the Drawing Board...Again because I was able to figure out animated gifs in Blogger (take that Blogger!) and because the gif I chose to include is of crazy crazy Gary Busey. I laughed at my own post which is probably ridiculous, but so did some of you. Success!

And now for three of my favourite blogs/websites. These ladies' posts are inspiring, funny, and totally awesome:

Rebecca Behrens - I feel like a bobblehead with all the nodding and agreeing I do with her posts. Plus, the Beauty Queens review Rebecca wrote was totally genius (still wish I came up with it ☺).

Katy Upperman - This site is full and running over with all-around goodness. It's easy on the eyes, always interesting, and always relevant.

Marquita & Pam - Bright, cheerful, fun, insightful, and helpful...a great blog all around. With NaNoWriMo rapidly approaching, these ladies have posted a number of tips you may find useful in preparation.

If you haven't checked them out, you definitely should!

Happy Monday, everyone :)


  1. A whole family of Busey! This has totally made my day!!!

  2. Your Busey post has me rolling! And I love the one you did on the absentee parents. PS - yes, good parents can have their appeal in novels.

    Congrats on the award, and thanks for sharing!

  3. Congrats on the 7x7!

    Thanks so much mentioning my blog. You made my day, Jaime!

    I have to say I love all the posts you linked to--you have a fantastic blog. And congrats on figuring out gifs (particularly Busey ones). 99% of the time the ones I try to use don't work, so I'm mighty impressed!

  4. Thank you, ladies! You've all made my day :)

  5. Thanks, Jaime--these were some good selections! Your "Absent or Crappy Parent" post particularly struck a chord with me (in a good way). I'm often frustrated at the way certain kids' stations often portray fathers as stupid and irresponsible in their "sit-coms". I'm all for more positive parent roll models in television and literature.

  6. Thank you so much for including me, Jaime! You are adorable, and your 7x7 posts were fantastic. Isn't RTW fun? It was only when I started participating last year that I felt like a was connecting with the YA community and blogging for people other than myself. Looking forward to reading even more of your posts in the future. :)

  7. Colin: My dad could go on for ages about the 'stupid man' epidemic on TV shows, commercials, you name it. It's really not that funny, so I'm not sure why they persist with it.

    Katy: I look forward to RTW all week (yes, I'm weird and probably need to get a life lol). Welcome, by the way :)


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