October 19, 2011

RTW: THE Reason I Write

Welcome to our 101st Road Trip Wednesday!

Road Trip Wednesday is a 'Blog Carnival' where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:
What's your numero-uno reason for writing?

To which I say:  There are many,  but I'll do my best to narrow it down to THE reason. I've hopped around to the other links on RTW and I found myself saying "I agree" to every single person's #1 reasons. Here's mine:

For me, writing is a long-sought-after marriage of creativity and planning. These two things matter to me, and I have spent ages looking for that thing that would allow me to access both. 

As a student, I ♥loved♥ the heck out of my English and History courses, but I also couldn't wait for Math (that one's for you, Alison ☺). Just to be clear, I wasn't one of those kids who had the Midas touch where school was concerned. I stank royally at anything science-related (funny, considering my current WIP is sorta sci-fi), hated Phys. Ed with a passion, and never quite had the knack for Art. 

What is a girl to do with equal tugs toward the left and right sides of her brain? Well, it sure as heck wasn't Accounting (bad idea). Teaching was pretty much the right option for me, but that fizzled out (no jobs).

Turns out writing is exactly what I was looking for. I'm not a pantser so the planning, researching, and endless bullet-list-making that I do definitely speaks to that part of my brain. But all the fun and imaginative thoughts that go into writing feed that need for creativity in what I do.

Creativity+Planning are a perfect match. They're pretty much that couple that everyone loves to hate because they are just too darn awesome. All jokes aside, there is nothing greater than finding that thing that speaks to you on every single level.

And that's why I write.


  1. I'm going to have to agree with you on two accounts:

    1.) That I've agreed with every post I've come across today.

    2.) That I agree with your idea about creativity & planning.

    I feel like creativity and planning are a little bit like organized chaos. You basically whittle a story down from an infinite number of possibilities and then give it structure. It kind of hurts my head to think about it, lol.

  2. I love your take on this! I need some of your love for planning. I'm a total panster but really want to outline and plan my next book. Looks like I'll be engaging the boring office drone section of my brain soon. (Love that image.) :)

  3. Oh, what a great answer!
    I'm glad you found a way of joining planning and creativity.
    It is amazing how people have many different stories behind their writing life ;)

  4. I loved learning about your process, and I agree with Tracey- Better planning would make for easier revision, for me at least. Great post!

  5. Love the cartoon...I notice there are a few bridges between the two sides...glad you found the one that works for you!

  6. I sucked at science in school, but I would like to dabble in sci-fi one day (I'm a Doctor Who fan--go figure!). Whether or not everyone shares your left-and-right-brain struggle, I have to agree with you that writing does speak to me on every level. I can't think of anything I enjoy that I can't write about--and enjoy writing about it! It scratches every itch!

  7. Huh.That's a really cool answer and something I hadn't ever thought about until right this second. But I think I can identify with your answer. I'm a planner and an organizer, and writing totally gives me an outlet to do that, in addition to the creative side. Awesome, awesome post!

  8. Planning and creativity go together for me, too. Absolutely. Anything I try to turn out without a plan becomes so tangled and messy that I can't even begin to get my story back. Maybe it does have to do with the right brain-left brain connection. I've always excelled at English, and while I never did fantastically in HS/college math classes, I did work in finance for a couple years and really enjoyed the analytical side of business.

  9. This is lovely in so many ways. Like finding the perfect pair of shoes. Something that just fits you. You write for a different reason than I do, but it's still a great one. Plus, the illustration is so fun.

    I'm often torn between if I should write it or draw it - whatever 'it' is. That's why I use writing to expand upon the images I create. But the planning parts are where I see the future in my spyglass and decide where I'm going to plant my flag. Gotta have a vision.

  10. This post made me miss stage managing! That's when I found out that I even had an organized side. (My friends, who had seen the disaster area of my dorm room, were appalled when I told them I would be running their lives for two months.). But I also had to tune in to the rhythm of the show when I called the cues--it was something between conducting and dancing.

    I think I'm gonna spend some quality time with my outline this weekend, actually...thanks for that!

  11. So...I'm an accountant AND a writer. What does that mean for me? LOL (Referring to the picture.)

    I get what you mean -- writing really can appeal to both the right and left sides of the brain, and that's a really cool and unique kind of art in itself I think. :)

  12. This is a perfect explanation! I am a planner, too, but I love the creativity. Writing is structured but free of possibility, and I love that.
    Great post!

  13. Very interesting explanation. I'm so not on that math side of the brain, though sometimes I wish I was.

  14. Love your thoughtful take on this, Jaime. I'm totally a planner to, so I can definitely relate. So well said!


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