November 10, 2011

Book Bomb

I wasn't planning on blogging today (still trying to make good on yesterday's vow to actually WRITE) but then I read Suze Reese's post and felt compelled to share.

Like Suze, I'm taking part in a book bomb happening today, which is a whole lot less a) explodey, b) terrifying, and c) illegal as it might seem. In fact, it's actually d) none of the above. Well, maybe a little bit of a) since we're all hoping it'll explode into a whole 'mess' of people paying it forward. I'm sure you all know what a book bomb is but for those of you who maybe don't, I'll explain. It's basically when a crap ton of people decide to head on over to Amazon and purchase the same book on the same day to give a book/author a boost.

So why participate in this particular book bomb?

You see, we're all trying to help out Robison Wells, author of Variant which just came out this fall. Wells is struggling with health concerns which have cost him his job, and he still has a family to support. As you well know, most debut authors and even many seasoned ones don't make boatloads of money. By purchasing a copy or even multiple copies we can help this man and his family out. (NB. I'm trying my hardest not to make this sound like one of those guilt trip emails we all get about total strangers and their struggles. Hope I'm succeeding.).

What if I already own it or it isn't something I'd read?

I actually purchased a copy of this book already when it first came out. I'm going to buy a copy or two to give away to people I think might enjoy it. I'm sure there's a library or charitable organization accepting book donations as well. With Christmas right around the corner, maybe this would be a good gift for somebody. Who knows. Every little bit helps, though.

For more information about Variant, head on over HERE.
For more information about what Robison is going through, head on over HERE.

"You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have truly lived are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love."
- Henry Drummond -

(How's that for a guilt-trippy quote, hey? It rings true, though.)


  1. Hey, awesome post! I am hosting a contest for anyone who publicizes and/or buys Variant today. Come on over:

  2. Never heard of a book bomb before. That is a pretty sweet idea though.

  3. Alicia: I hadn't either until today. Definitely a great idea :) It's all over Twitter and the blogosphere so that's cool.

  4. I'm totally on board here as well. Made purchases, blogged about it, following it on Twitter (that's how I found you) and I was there at his book launch. Such a good guy is Rob. You can't go wrong here. Thanks for your post.


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