November 4, 2011

Friday Fives: Inspiring Authors

My first instinct with this prompt was to immediately list five authors that I'm in love with at this particular moment. But I don't think that's what the prompt is really getting at. Once I realized this, it became a lot more difficult to come up with a suitable list and not because there aren't plenty of candidates. The five I eventually decided on I chose for a variety of reasons and not all were specifically related to their writing. I also selected them based on how they inspire me today (I don't remember who inspired me ten years ago). Give me this same prompt a month from now and the list could be entirely different. Here are my five on this snowy (yes, snowy) November morning in 2011:

1) J. K. Rowling 
If I had even an ounce of this woman's talent my head would probably pop off from the sheer awesomeness of it. Her world-building, creativity, story-telling, and just overall writing ability (the woman's a foreshadowing genius) make my head actually want to explode. She is beyond BRILLIANT. I can't sum up the many ways this woman inspires me. 

2) Suzanne Collins
This lady's Hunger Games trilogy is just awesome in so many ways which is inspiring in and of itself. One thing in particular, however, stands out. I recently flipped open the first book and was shocked and amazed (shamazed?) at how quickly everything gets started. 
***Spoiler alert***(though if you haven't read this series already, seriously, what gives?)
Katniss gets chosen for the Reaping at the end of the first chapter! As I am plagued with a tendency toward blathering, I am truly inspired by anyone who can just dive right in and say what they want to say so succinctly. No wasted words in these books. 

3) Ally Condie
Aside from just loving Matched (still haven't read Crossed yet, which is killing me...softly♫ hehehe...Hugh, sidetracked much?) I am bowled over by this woman's devotion and regularly expressed gratitude to her fans. She actually made a point on several occasions of apologizing for the carpal tunnel that was preventing her from getting back to people on Twitter, email, and her blog. I still remember the first time she tweeted me and how excited I was that an honest to goodness, real life author was tweeting me. Her connection and gratitude to her fans is shamazing (I'm going to keep using this word, deal with it) and inspiring.

4) Stephanie Perkins
Okay, this lovely lady is on my list for one main reason: I was up until 3am finishing Anna and the French Kiss (I'm so late to the game with this one) because I couldn't put it down. I have a confession to make: I've never been drawn to contemporary YA all that much. That all changed the moment I cracked this book. Her writing is funny (I totally guffawed at several points), her characters are just so darn likable (one word: Étienne), and the warm fuzzies are off the charts. I can only dream of writing something this unputdownable. Lola and the Boy Next Door is loaded up and ready to go on my e-reader.*

5) Jodi Picoult
Her ability to take a contentious issue and remain largely free from bias in her writing is unbelievable. I pick up her books expecting that something could potentially offend certain people (due to the nature of the topics she tackles) and am shamazed that she manages to stay pretty well neutral most of the time. I also find her style of writing to be almost poetic in nature, which is a nice change from a lot of what I read. I've mentioned this before, but Nineteen Minutes is the only book I've ever read that left me thinking about it for months and months after. That kind of writing ability is inspiring.

*Definitely think there should be a Book 4 entitled something like Victor and the Shiny-- (bahaha! inside joke)


  1. Not to belittle Rowling's talent (which is evident), but I think one of the lessons for us writers is that she worked REALLY hard for a VERY LONG TIME to get the Potter books written. What was it? 5 years of plotting and planning before the first even saw the light of day? That's enough to make every NaNoWriMo-er scream! :)

  2. Yeah, no kidding! The degree of plotting and planning involved makes me tired just thinking about it. Well worth it in the end, though :)

  3. We do have some overlap! Your choices are fabulous. I toyed with the idea of adding both Suzanne Collins and Stephanie Perkins, but in the end, there were just too many inspirational authors to include them all.

    I've got CROSSED coming in the mail... can't wait to read it! :)

  4. Love the "About a Boy" reference :)

  5. Katy: We really do have a lot of the same taste in books. I'm actually restraining myself from curling up and devouring Lola right now. Must do some writing... Oh, and Crossed is on its way in the mail for me too :)

    Jennifer: Glad you caught that:D Everyone else probably thinks I'm just a weirdo who interrupts herself with utter nonsense (which is sometimes true).

  6. I love Rowling and Picoult!

    JK really did devote a lot of time to her series didn't she?

  7. Kamille: She really did! That must just be so exhausting and yet interesting.

  8. I have yet to read Matched (it's sitting on my table waiting), but now I feel I must read it NEXT! Great list!

  9. Jo Rowling (as you already mentioned) is on my list as well! She's simply amazeballs. Anyway, I, uh, also have Matched on my reading table, and it's been there for a while. Bad me.

  10. Alison: Jealous! Mine's in the mail still :(

    Bailey: Yes, she is indeed 'amazeballs' lol. Also, jealous of your Matched too. And yes, bad you :)

  11. Good call on Stephanie Perkins. I'm convinced she is made of awesome.

  12. I love Stephanie Perkins too. Her books are such a delight. Lola was great too, but I'm not gonna lie, I think Anna will always be my favorite. :)

  13. Good call on all of them. All of the authors you picked are inspiring both for the quality of their writing and the way they interact with readers and fans. Love that!

  14. Alicia & Tara: I love Stephanie Perkins. Her books feel like a hug, hot chocolate, and good chick flick movies all rolled up into one :)

    Rebecca: Quality of writing is always important, but it's just that much better when you feel appreciated as a reader :)

  15. Great choices. I like Suzanne Collins too. I need to read some Stephanie Perkins too. Her books have been on my to read list forever.


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