November 14, 2011

NoNo and the Nutcracker

I'm back from a wonderful weekend spent with family and this is what's on my mind this chilly Monday morning:

This is what sad and pathetic looks like.
(I know the NaNo goal is only 50,000)
1.  NaNoWriMo has morphed into NoNoWriMo in a matter of days. Seriously, I have not put fingers to keys in DAYS, guys. If I were really doing NaNo I should be closing in at 25,000 words by now. I have less than half that amount (11,000 ish), so NaNo is kind of a NoGo at the moment. But...BUT, I'm not all torn up about it or anything. Deciding to do NaNo just gave me the excuse push I needed to start working on this other idea that I've been wanting to write for a while now. So it's not even close to being a waste.

2.  I went shopping with my mom at a big, schmancy mall near Calgary and consequently I am even more in the mood for Christmas than I was before (which was already a lot). A few things I came away from the mall with: i) this sick feeling in my stomach because I haven't yet started my Christmas shopping and it's only going to get crazier--urg, ii) a Nutcracker that my husband is going to hate (he feels about Nutcrackers the way I do about ventriloquist dummies O_o), and iii) another Bath & Body Works candle:


This thing smells better than any candle has a right to. My plastic Christmas tree is cowering in a box in the basement afraid to come out because it feels like a total poser next to this thing.

3.  THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE TRAILER!!! (sorry about the caps, I couldn't contain myself) This thing is flipping awesome! Anybody who is a major fan of something like The Hunger Games has that moment of excitement followed quickly by a nervous feeling in the pit of their stomach when they hear it's being made into a movie. What if they screw it up?  I had confidence in Lionsgate that they would do this justice, especially knowing that Suzanne Collins was so involved in the process, but still... It's hard not to feel nervous. After watching the trailer this morning I am even more excited about this movie. From what I saw, I really think they nailed it. At least it gives me hope and confidence that they did anyway. What do you guys think?

Well, I guess now's the time to actually get back to writing rather than just writing about how I need to get writing. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. The trailer has got me totally pumped for the movie!

  2. The trailer is bittersweet: sweet because it looks so awesome, bitter because--wah! Waiting until March? I can't!

  3. Oh that trailer! So freaking good!

    I love the Bath and Body Works candles too... I just bought the Hot Buttered Rum one. Yum!


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