November 9, 2011

RTW: Superplotter Extraordinaire

Road Trip Wednesday is a 'Blog Carnival' where YA Highway's contributors post a weekly writing- or reading-related question that begs to be answered. In the comments, you can hop from destination to destination and get everybody's unique take on the topic.

This Week's Topic:
What are your writing and publishing superpowers (drafting? beta-reading? writing queries? plotting? character reaction? etc.) --and what's your kryptonite?

Turns out my writing superpower happens to be my kryptonite as well:


They call me ïANTIPANTSER!!!ï(But not because I refuse to wear pants, because I dont...refuse to wear pants, that is. Never mind.)

This is like one of those stupid interview questions where they ask you to tell them about your greatest weakness (not that the RTW question is stupid). So you feed them some equally stupid answer which is really a strength masquerading as a weakness, because you're smarter than them, and there's just no way they're going to figure out that you're playing them. Right. You look like a giant suckup, you chump.

We have Rebecca Behrens and this site 
to thank for this J. My superheroine is 
Mountie inspired even though I've never 
been and never will be a Mountie (Drat!).
In this case my strength/weakness is not just some smarmy line of BS, it's actually the truth. I love the planning part of the process and keep returning to it more times than is probably necessary or even beneficial to my story. Take my current WIP for instance (the NaNoWriMo endeavor). It's day nine of NaNo and I have only 7543 words written thus far. Why? Because I'm too in love with planning the thing. To be fair, I didn't do a pile of planning pre-NaNo because I really had no intention of doing it.

Planning is a good thing, for sure, but you need to know when to quit and to just write already(♫ know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run ♫--aww thanks, Kenny). That's where I'm at right now. So immediately after posting this thing, I'm going to WRITE instead of PLAN. That's today's goal.


  1. Other than in writing, I'm a big planner. Going to the grocery store - no prob, I have a list. Cleaning the house - I have a game plan! But the actual, not so good at.

    Nice Mountie!

  2. I'm an over-planner, too!
    I really wanted the Marvel thing to have pajama pants and a spoon for ice cream as an option--my Writer Girl looks too put-together, IMHO. I love your Antipantser, though!

  3. Jennifer: I hear ya! I'm a list junkie too, but not so great with the follow through.

    Rebecca: I spent forever on that Marvel site lol. I too was hoping for some jammies, but alas had to settle on Mountie girl :)

    P.S. Did you know there's actually a Captain Canuck? I guess Canada thought we could outdo Captain America (not).

  4. Have you seen the newest Aquaman? My husband and daughter watch it together. He's cheesier than ever and even does musical numbers...poor man.

    Life is pretty messy here on the extreme pantster end of things...wish I could find a happy medium too.

  5. Jennifer H.: I'm laughing so hard it's difficult to type. Musical numbers?! So, so cheesy :) I too wish I could find a happy medium between pantsing and over-planning.

  6. You had me at AquaLad *runs off to consider adding him to the mermaid UF I'm querying*
    Then you totally won my heart with Captain Canuck. I'm a yank, the Husband is Canadian and I think I just found hours of mock-worthiness in one quick visit to Google.
    Meanwhile,I hear you on the over-planning. Sometimes you just need to start writing dammit! (Or at least that's what I tell myself.) Good luck!

  7. I thought the same thing when I read today's question :) See, I'm the anti-planner. I just write for the first draft, and when I get to the second and third drafts I have to pull the plot together. (Hence, the sticky notes.)

  8. Ooo! I love create-your-own sites! *runs off to create self-hero* Oh and I admire your ability to wear pants. I'm a panster, myself. It's awful. Haha

  9. ANTIPANTSER lol love it!
    But I understand you. Sometimes I get too carried away about planning and start delaying the writing part lol
    Then, now, go write! We know you can do it!

  10. ...I think I'm your nemesis... I'm the ANTIPLOTTER.

    We must meet in battle!

    (love the hate though ;))

  11. Ditto. I have to give myself at least a month of brain time before I ever start typing.

  12. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes I just love planning the thing too much to actually go out and write it. But then I DO write it, and all the good stuff, like the character personalities and the worldbuilding, comes out when I actually get the words on the page.

  13. Good luck with your goal! Go get that writing done :)

    (I LOVE the planning part! Part of my problem with this project is that I didn't dig deep enough, so when I restarted, I really took my time planning and it. was. so. much. fun.)

  14. Hope the "just writing" happened today! I'd love to hear more about your actual planning process in another blog post--I'm really too new to brand myself a plotter or a pantser, so I write when I can and jot notes in a planning document when I have ideas that come later on. Honestly it's kind of the worst of both worlds.

  15. Oh my gosh...Jaime, thank you for being so flipping' hilarious lol. You got me good with this post. I laughed out loud.

    "So you feed them some equally stupid answer which is really a strength masquerading as a weakness, because you're smarter than them, and there's just no way they're going to figure out that you're playing them. Right. You look like a giant suckup, you chump."


    P.S. - I love that my blog gave you "mating" as the security word. Funny is following you.

  16. As a fellow plotter, I'm smitten with ANTIPANSTER! Great idea! And good luck with the writing goals... you can DO IT!


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