December 5, 2011

Holiday Favourites (Day 2)

Before I plunge into Day 2 of my HolidaFavourites, I need to share something silly.

One of the trending topics on Twitter today is this steaming wonder: #WhenYourDrunkNever
This is all kinds of idiotic for a couple reasons and only one of them has to do with drunken stupidity. Actually, maybe they both do. Apparently, when YOU'RE drunk you should never:
- use Twitter OR 
- come up with trending topics 
I'm getting a headache from all the face-palming and head-shaking going on over here. Sheesh!
*     *     *
In case this is the first time you've joined us (I sound like Gollum when I refer to 'us' like that, Preciousssss), I'm sharing some of my favourite holiday Reads, Movies, Recipes, and Music with you. I've tried to group some of these together, like with like, but this doesn't always work. Day 1 was mostly a Dickens love fest (right down to the Sticky Date Pudding), but it gets tougher with some of the others. So here we go:

Brittney Ryan's The Legend of Holly Claus. This is a wonderful story about Santa's daughter and has beautiful illustrations by Laurel Long throughout. Here's the Goodreads description:

Santa Claus is the King of Forever, Land of the Immortals. When one special boy writes to Santa asking what no other child has ever asked, a miracle occurs: Santa and Mrs. Claus are blessed with a daughter. But the birth of Holly Claus also brings about a terrible curse—from an evil soul named Herrikhan. Holly's heart is frozen, and the gates to Forever are locked, barring exit or entry.
As she grows into a beautiful and selfless young woman, Holly longs to break the spell that holds her people hostage. With four faithful and magical animal friends, she escapes to the wondrous world of Victorian New York, where she will face countless dangers, adventures, and a miracle all her own.
What this description fails to mention is that there is also a little romance in this story. It's difficult to decide whether this is MG or YA (probably closer to MG), but I will say that it has a fairy tale quality to it that kind of throws those labels out the window. And the best part: if you don't have the time to commit to a novel (544 pages in paperback), there is a picture book version too with all of the gorgeous illustrations in colour. 

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town - This pleasantly dorky Christmas movie is another Rankin-Bass stop motion animation creation like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. With Fred Astaire as the narrator, it tells the tale of how Kris Kringle came to be Santa Claus. It's full to the brim with dated holiday cheese, but that's what makes it so fun. Oh, and the Burgermeister Meisterburger. I just wanted to type his crazy name because it cracks me up just as much as his stereotypical lederhosen and Deutsch Akzent.

And now for something completely tasty! This is a family favourite in the Morrow household. We didn't make it up, but we've been baking it for years now. Not to be confused with the crunchy gingerbread used for houses and people, this recipe results in a fluffy, moist, and delicious cake (though not included here, raisins are optional).

The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas (2 CD Collection) Yes, we're kicking it old school here because doesn't list this and I'm not sure if iTunes.wherever-you-are-in-the-world does either. Too bad because it's a great compilation. This is a collection of all the 'oldies but goodies' Christmas carols and songs sung by familiar voices like Bing Crosby, Brenda Lee, and Gene Autry. It also has Joy to the World sung by Julie Andrews, which is fitting since The Legend of Holly Claus is part of The Julie Andrews Collection of books (There's the connection I was looking for!).

And just a little reminder: If you haven't already entered my giveaway as part of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop organized by Sarah Belliston, you can enter HERE. I'm giving away a copy of Marie Lu's LEGEND and a pack of nineteen Fingerstache Tattoos! The contest runs until December 12th. Don't forget to check out the remaining eight Days of Christmas too while you're at it.

The wonderful Rebecca Behrens is also having A Very Festivus Giveaway over on her blog. To five lucky somebodies she's giving away an ARC of Cinder by Marissa Meyer along with copies of Beauty Queens, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, And Then Things Fall Apart, and When You Reach Me. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment airing a grievance OR sharing a feat of strength. Tons of fun and some pretty great swag! Check it out HERE.

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, 
and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. 
~%~Norman Vincent Peale~%~


  1. Oh my, that gingerbread looks yummy! I just watched Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. It's on our Christmas Classics DVD with Rudolph and Frosty. My kids love it just as much as I do.

  2. I might have to stop reading these posts... your treats sound WAY too yummy! Too tempting for me to resist. :) Ugh! And that trending topic... I saw it this morning and immediately cringed. Why, people? WHY?!

  3. Those books sound like so much fun! And I'm in love with those covers! Also, I clearly need to make this gingerbread--yum!

  4. Ohhhh... how fun is this post??? I love it! I'm stoked about the ginger bread recipe--you know I'm going to make it! :D

    And thank you for the kind comment on my blog... it's amazing what great writer friends can do to uplift and support ;) You rock, Jaime! :D

  5. Thanks for posting about my Festivus thingy!
    I can't believe that I've never seen the stop-motion Santa Claus movie, particularly because I've seen Rudolph 8,000 times. Maybe this will be the year!

  6. That Gingerbread looks AWESOME. Seriously. And I love reading all these Christmas-y posts!

  7. That Holly Claus book looks adorable! And I'm so glad it has a love story, ha ha. Can I just say, I love the title of your blog, and how it's your name too!! I took some French in college, and I think it's the most beautiful language. I love this post, and that Time Life Treasury of Christmas music is fabulous too!! :)


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