January 10, 2012

Book Blogs, Award, and Randoms

Tarah Dunn graciously passed on the Kreativ Blogger award to me! Thanks, Tarah ☺ I'm supposed to mention 10 Things You May Not Know About Me as part of receiving this award. I decided to go with 'completely random' as my theme. So without further ado, here's
10 [Random] Things You May Not Know About Me:
1)  I own two action figures: Jane Austen and Sidney Crosby. They like to drink tea together and discuss hockey, writing, & etiquette.
2)  The only time I've ever been in a newspaper was in Scotland. Sadly, I was done up like a clown at the time. Strange? Oh yeah.
3)  When we went to sort out our home insurance one of the questions we were asked was whether or not we owned a Segway. A Segway?! Are we that geeky? "Yeah, it's in my garage parked between my Delorian and my Batmobile." I can't think why this was important.
4)  In other geek-related news, I may or may not be wearing a shirt with Han Solo and Chewbacca flying a falcon (the bird and not the ship) on it right now. Thanks, Teefury.com for this nerdy surprise.
5)  I play the violin and the piano - neither very well. I used to be able to play the recorder with my nose, but I haven't tested my skills lately.
6)  In less than a month I watched Just Friends (starring Ryan Reynolds) twice and The Proposal (starring Ryan Reynolds) twice. Houston, I think I have a problem.
7)  I lve the colour red. Cherry red in particular. I also really like red shoes. I own a pair of red Converse high-tops (Chuck Taylors? To me they'll always be Hoosiers* shoes) and red Toms. I'm tempted to order these because they're a) rad, b) red, and c) they look like ruby slippers like in The Wizard of Oz!
8)  I collect cobalt blue glass. I lve cobalt blue as much as I lve cherry red. I especially like the way it looks with the sun shining through it, casting blue patterns all over the wall. 

9)  I attended an all-girls uniform school for most of high school. Unfortunately, the school no longer exists (I guess single gender schools just aren't that appealing - shocker!), but fortunately, I still have and can still (barely and uncomfortably) fit into my kilt!

10)  I was a cheerleader for one day...in the mall of all places (I was filling in for someone else). I remember being so mortified after our routine that I slunk out of there, hoping not to be spotted by anybody I knew. Why so embarrassed? General consensus was that having cheerleaders for an all-girls school seemed a little weird. Plus, I was SO not the type. More quiet than chipper, geekier than cool.
[This would have constituted a uniform infraction ------------------> and would have earned me a pink uniform slip. Girls used to wear these slips shish kabobbed proudly on their kilt pins. Real classy.]
The next requirement of this award is to pass it on to... 
Six Other 'Kreativ' Bloggers:
The theme in my choices is apparently 'pretty' and 'books' as well as creative today.
1)  Anna over at Anna Reads - her blog is so pretty and her reviews are respectful and helpful.
2)  Ange over at Moonlight Reader - another pretty blog about books, books, and more books!
3)  Susan over at A Soul Unsung - also very pretty and all about books with honest reviews.
4)  Meredith over at Fairy Tales and Cappuccino - pretty and full of fun posts. I especially love to read her 'random' posts about the little things in life (I like reading random stuff about people).
5)  Jessica over at The Firefly Book Loft - reviews, books, and just overall blog prettiness.
You should check them all out if you haven't already, especially if you lve books as much as I do!
_ _ _ _ _
*Years ago I watched the movie Hoosiers and all of the basketball players were wearing Converse high-tops. I got my first pair in elementary school and they were bright bubblegum pink.


  1. Congrats on the award, Jaime! It was fun learning more about you. I'm dying for some red Toms too. :)

  2. Katy: Thanks! Too bad the red glitter ones are only in kids' sizes :(

  3. I love red, too! My coworker remarked lately that I wear the same orangey-red almost every day, in different items. It's like a tractor beam pulls me toward that color in stores.

    Speaking of Gob--when is the Arrested Development movie happening? :)

  4. Rebecca: That's me too. In fact, as I'm typing this, I'm surrounded by cherry red items here and there. It's like a sickness :) As for the Arrested Development movie - I didn't even know they were doing one. Cool!

  5. Watching Ryan Reynolds isn't a problem. Trust me :)

    And congrats on getting the award! And it looks like I've got some blogs to visit :)

  6. Cassie Mae: Hmmm...I think I might have to agree with you on the Ryan Reynolds thing =)

  7. Star Wars is common enough now that you don't need to be ashamed. Wear Chewie and Han with pride! (I <3 Han)

    I just realized as much as I love Star Wars, I don't have a Star Wars tshirt. Need to remedy this. I do have a stormtrooper decal on my car.

  8. Stephsco: A stormtrooper decal? Cool! I ordered a 'grab bag' shirt from Teefury.com and just happened to end up with Chewie and Han. Needless to say, I was pretty happy =)

  9. Congrats on the award, Jaime! And yet ANOTHER reason for you to watch Doctor Who: David Tennant, the 10th Doctor (Seasons 2-4 plus specials) wore Converse pretty much the whole time. And David Tennant is Scottish. Come on--do you need any more encouragement??! :)

  10. Colin: Okay, sold. BTW, one of the girls whose blog I follow posted pics of her new Tardis earrings on Twitter. Pretty nifty, I have to admit =)

  11. Congrats on the award! Based on those facts, you sound like an awesome person :D

    (I have a much loved pair of red Chucks too!)

  12. Miss Cole: Thanks =) I don't know about awesome, but definitely weird lol. I have a low-cut pair of green All-Stars too (they match the Starbucks apron I used to wear for work).

  13. Yesssssss you should watch Doctor Who! Doooooo it! I also have two action figures--one of whom is the 11th Doctor's companion Amy Pond. The spunky, delightful, ginger, SCOTTISH Amy Pond. So.

    I also have a Jane Austen action figure--I'm assuming the same one; how many can there be? But Sid--never! Although I guess I'm pleased that it's a hockey player; here in the States I sometimes have to settle for general hockey advocacy. (Replace Sid with Ryan Miller and we'll talk!)

  14. Mrs. S: You know who also has the Jane Austen action figure? Stephanie Perkins. She put a pic of her desktop on her blog and lo and behold - Jane =) I have to disagree with you on the Sid v. Ryan thing. Sid all the way!

  15. This was a fun post! I loved hearing more about you and seeing your Han and Chewy shirt.

  16. Aw, thank you so much! What a sweet award. I love your red Converse--I always wanted a pair of converse shoes, and red is such a fun color for them!


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