February 23, 2012

One Month Left...

Only one more month to go until the awesomeness that is The Hunger Games hits theatres!

To further the excitement and anticipation, here are a few Hunger Games inspired goodies:

I've mentioned this here before and if you haven't checked it out yet, seriously, you should. Composers Edward Underhill & Matt Bukaty collaborated on a project they were both crazy about and here's the result: The Hunger Games Music Project. They've made this music available for purchase, but you can listen to all of the songs in their entirety by following the link above. I bought it along time ago, but have been listening to it even longer directly from their site. My favourite tracks are:

#1 - May the Odds... (amazing violin and cello)
#6 - A Lullaby For Rue
#11 - Loss and Survival

This is what they had to say about the sound they were going for:

"...The books have a very human, earthy, and folky quality to them that seemed to point us toward American folk and simple folk-like melodies, as well as instruments that had a vaguely folky disposition… We didn't actually want to incorporate bluegrass fiddle or banjo doing banjo-y things. After all, The Hunger Games is set in the future, too. So we started writing with a few basic ideas in mind - the districts sounded folky and "natural," the Capitol had something twisted, off-kilter, and vaguely electric to it - and went from there. The ensemble of live musicians helped solidify the sound, too - violins and cellos can be folky or classical or creepy, the bass recorder has a wonderfully breathy sound to it that gives it a folky flare, but also sounds like something slightly new, and, of course, just about every culture has voice music! In this case, one singer has a very "untrained," folky, innocent voice, and the other has a clear, bell-like (but still folky) tone to provide a more final, mature sound at the end of the suite."

Well, I think they nailed it, and I'm going to have a hard time connecting with the actual score after becoming so accustomed to this one.  Underhill and Bukaty have already promised an unofficial score for Catching Fire. I can tell you one thing for certain: I'm already sold!

*     *     *
Etsy is chock full of great gift ideas for Hunger Games fans. Here are some of my favourite items.

There's plenty more where these came from, and not just jewelry items either--bags, clothing, notebooks, you name it (even a book sculpture of the mockingjay with an arrow in its beak).

*     *     *
And there are the folks who've brought the food in the Hunger Games to life by coming up with their own recipes for a few delicious items mentioned in the books:

Fictional Food has a whole Hunger Games recipe section complete with pics of their tasty treats:

It's truly amazing how creative people can be when they love something this much!

How excited are you for the Hunger Games movie? 
What paraphernalia (if any) will you don?


  1. I love those Etsy pieces! Oh man. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I am so excited! (I really hope it's good.) :)

  3. My daughter and I are stoked! She's got the books (of course), the calendar, and a mockingjay-type necklace. I plan on making her another Hunger Games necklace in the near future. :) We plan on going to the midnight showing!

  4. Ahhh, I can't wait! And I might have to make some of that food! :)

  5. I can't wait for the film! The trailer gives me chills.

    I'd be so tempted to buy the charm necklace. It looks pretty awesome and a tad steampunk too. I'd love to try out the cupcakes but I'm going to fail at the icing. I don't have a steady hand at all.

  6. The food looks yummy and maybe that´s a way I could get my hubby to be excited about the movie :D I know I CANNOT wait!!! I have to check where it will be playing in English...

    Thanks for sharing, Jaime!

  7. Even though a little part of me is screaming about the commercialism of it all going against Collins' message, I'm secretly coveting some of the HG t-shirts at Hot Topic (eep) and I, uhm, kind-of just might buy some of the nailpolishes inspired by the HG-- with the excuse that I usually buy China Glaze anyway.

    Thank you for the link to the food! Now that's something HG inspired that won't make me feel overly guilty!!!

  8. Can't wait for the movie to come out. Love the jewelry. The book inspired food looks good as well.

  9. Ohhh... can't wait for the music!!! Cello is SO the best instrument ever. Gosh, Jaime, you've got me all giddy excited now!!!! :D


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