February 6, 2012

Sharing the Blog L♥ve

Okay, folks. So the point of this post is not to brag about blog awards I've received, but to give thanks where thanks is due and credit where credit is due (credit to other people, not myself). In a matter of a week, I received the following awards from some really wonderful people:

Firstly, I need to extend many thanks to the givers of these awards (like I said, wonderful people):
1) From Mrs. Silverstein over at Reading on the F Train.
2) From Suze Reese.
3) From both Colin D. Smith and Isabel Bandeira.
4) From Suze Reese (it was a two-for-one thing)
Again, thank you for following this blog and for thinking that it has some value.
Secondly, all of these awards come with certain things that you as the recipient are supposed to do before passing them on (usually it involves relating certain unknown details about yourself) to anywhere from three to fifteen (!) fellow bloggers. Yowza. So because I'd be here all day doing all of the above, and because nobody wants to know that much about me, I'm going to bend the rules a little a lot. I'm going to tell you five things about myself, and then pass on the awards to five people (each). Here goes....
FIVE Things You May or May Not Have Wanted to Know About Me:
1)  My first real word as an infant was 'bugger'. I know, it's horrifying and was probably a real source of embarrassment for my parents (despite being their fault, obviously). OR, it could mean that I was already totally stoked about one day reading the awesomeness that is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. Yeah, let's go with that explanation.
2)  I had to read William Golding's Lord of the Flies not once, not twice, but thrice for school. Between switching schools for senior year, and then switching classes so I could graduate early, I got stuck reading and studying that thing three times too many. I seriously dislike that book's guts.

3)  I'm a packrat of the worst sort. I hang on to things that are probably more suited to a) the garbage, b) recycling, or c) a thrift store. Old clothes? I can revamp that sucker and make it into something better (I sew). CoffeeMate containers? Easily the best storage containers, though for what exactly, I know not. And how about these things? I'm still waiting for them to come back in style (they're comfy), even though they are ugly as sin. Abandon hope all ye who own a pair.

4)  I did not attend my high school graduation. There were two reasons for this: 1) I had switched from an all-girls uniform school to a co-ed public school for the final semester of senior year (I needed courses my school did not offer). I didn't feel like I really knew anybody there. 2) I was headed to Scotland for the summer and needed to leave a few days before grad. Do I regret it? Not for a moment. I don't even have high school grad photos because partway through the semester I decided to graduate early (at the time students in Ontario went to grade 13, but could also choose to graduate after grade 12, which I did). Other high school events I did not attend: proms.

5)  I never really and truly felt proud to be Canadian until the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Sure I was always happy that I came from Canada, but I secretly wished I'd been born somewhere cooler like Scotland or some place in continental Europe. Watching my brother-in-law carry the Olympic torch, and just seeing my fellow Canadians finally showing their patriotism made me the proudest I've ever been of belonging to this country. I don't think the world will ever know what those two weeks and the lead-up meant to our all too often afraid-to-show-our-pride country.
And now, I'm passing these awards on to: (make sure to check out their blogs!)
For those with less than 200 followers
but a whole lot of great stuff to share.
2)  Megan at Arresting Developments
4)  Kendall at Blogging for YA
5)  Erin at E. M. Bowman (her book Taken is out in 2013)

1)  Mrs. Silverstein at Reading on the F Train
2)  The ladies (+ one dude) at YA Confidential
4)  Bailey at Over Yonder...

These bloggers have a lot of very informative stuff to share and they cover a wide variety of subjects that are most helpful.

1)  Anna at Anna Reads
2)  Meredith at Fairy Tales and Cappuccino
3)  Miss Cole at Miss Cole Seeks Publisher
4)  Elodie at commutinggirl
5)  Ange at Moonlight Reader

Aside from being just pretty to look at these blogs have insightful comments on reading, writing, and life and general.

2)  Robin at The Nook
4)  Tracey at Words On Paper

Helpful, informative, fun, and yes, 'kreativ' -- all great blogs that you should check out too if you haven't already.

So there you have it. A whole lot of Blog Lve going on here today. Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Bugger??? Really???? <----LOL!!! Fun getting to read more about you, Jaime :D

    And there's been so much love in the blogger community this last month! I've loved it!

    Annnnnd... Kreativ Blogger award??? For me?!?!? Jaime, thanks so much! Gosh, you ROCK!!!!! *feels loved*

  2. You are most welcome! I've enjoyed following your blog :-)

  3. Thank you! ^_^

    Scotland? Naaaah, England ;)

    Your brother-in-law carried the torch? Awesome!

    1. You're welcome, and England's pretty cool too :-) In fact, it's so cool that my husband and I will be visiting there for a few day when we head to Scotland in May.

  4. I don't know about those shoes... I'm sure they're comfortable but there are lots of cute shoes that won't sacrifice your comfort. When I was a kid my mom had those wooden Dr. Scholl's sandals and I hated them. I finally convinced her to get rid of them and then Dr. Scholls reissued them and they were in all the stores with different colored straps. STILL they were ugly!

    I've never liked Birkenstocks either; I believe people when they say they're comfortable - I get it - but unless you're hiking or outdoors walking a lot, there is no reason to wear them fashion-wise, especially with a skirt. I'm kind of a snob about shoes. Not about brand or cost, just appropriateness of the shoe with outfit. Don't get me started on flip flops!

    1. So how do you feel about Crocs and Uggs? lol Yeah, I think I could/should probably part with the shoes. Like I said: they're ugly as sin :-) As for comfort, I'm a big fan of Toms -- trendy, comfy, and social conscious.

  5. I feel ya on the containers thing. I have a stockpile of Crystal Light containers. They're just so sturdy, so cylindrical. I WILL find a use for those someday!

    Thank you for the award and the mention! You deserve all those awards, your blog is always so fun to read.

    1. Thanks, Athena :-) Also glad to find another person who shares my packrat tendencies. Just think of it this way: we're 'recycling' rather than wasting, right?

  6. I remember my dad saying that high school graduation is more about the people you're graduating with than the accomplishment, so it makes total sense you'd skip yours.

    And I'm a total packrat too...luckily I'm okay with recyling (and we do up to #7 curbside) and I donate/shop at thrift stores...maybe it's actually pitching anything that I have a problem with :)

    1. Your dad's totally right. And because I not only went to a different school, but also graduated early, I just wasn't feeling it.

      From now on we'll refer to ourselves as Extreme Recyclers instead of Packrats. Deal? :-)

  7. Aw, thank you so much for the award! That's so sweet of you. And I love that the Olympics made you proud to be a Canadian--the Olympics are amazing. :)

    1. You're welcome :-) I was always proud, but it just really hit home during the Olympics. Our country has been divided along a number of really stupid lines for so many years (namely East vs. West). It was just really great to see everyone come together during that period of time.

  8. Thank you! You're Awesome!

    My BF always tells me I'm a hoarder when it comes to clothes. I still have jeans from 7th grade and I'm 27. But hey I can still get into them so why should I throw them out?

    And Scotland I'm so jealous!!!

    1. You're welcome! And as for the jeans -- if you can still fit into those suckers I say wear them with pride :D

  9. Oh wow! Thanks for the award, Jaime! That's just too cool for words. :D

    I, too, am a bit of a pack-rat. I used to be a lot worse (picture my wife going through a box of stuff, holding up an empty envelope the contents of which have long since departed, and asking "why do you still have this?" to which I reply, "you never know..."). One of the main things that tempered my pack-rattedness was moving to the US. The boxes were only so big, and I had to make room for important things like clothes and books... :)

    1. You're welcome :D As far as the packrat thing goes, I draw the line at empty envelopes lol. We've moved so many times now that I've had to get a little bit better each time at whittling down our stuff. Unfortunately, every time we move our stuff seems to expand again. I have no idea why or how... :D

  10. I can't understand how your Canadian pride took so long to spark up if you're an Anne fan! There seems to be a cult of Canadian pride in L.M. Montgomery that we just don't have down here. We just squabble about it.

    Canada (and more specifically, PEI) holds the title of "Vacation Spot I'm Actually Serious About Wanting To Move To." If immigration wasn't such a nasty snarl (and if Mr. S could practice Canadian law) I'd move to the Maritimes in a heartbeat. I hear they need teachers out there and also that in Canada teachers get some respect. Also it's gorgeous out there. And the mussels...

    (Also, thanks for the blog award!)

    1. Well, it was always there but never so strongly as during that period of time. Our country felt truly united for the first time in many years and that was quite the thing to experience!

      And the Maritimes are definitely gorgeous. Newfoundland and Labrador have the most amazing commercials and every time I see one I'm blown away by how much it looks like pictures of Ireland. Amazing. I'd move there in a heartbeat too. I can't think of too many better things than a regular supply of seafood. Yum! :D

  11. Awwww THANK YOU Jaime :D I just got around to read this post and I´m honored you passed on the award to me...

    Bugger is quite a cool first word! I think mine was "Dad" (yes I´m daddy´s little girl...)
    I keep a lot of things, my husband does not understand. But hey one never knows when I could need my papers from classes I took in Junior High (yes I kept some of those :D))

  12. Thank you! Sorry, I'm finlly catching up on a lot of blog stuff so just seen the post.

    We re-read a lot of Shakespeare plays throughout my whole education. From year 8 onwards the obligatory Shakespeare play always made it into our syllabus. And it was mostly the tragic ones. We hardly read the comedies which were more fun to study. My friend at university had a fit when she found out she had to study A Midsummer Night's Dream for the third time.


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