March 28, 2013

Are You Ready to Rock?

Hello, friends! Guess what's just around the corner: Rock the Drop! Some of you might remember me posting something about this last April and some of you have probably even participated yourself. Since a little bit of forethought and planning is involved, I figured I'd give you all a heads up a few weeks in advance so you don't miss out. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here are the details:

The folks over at readergirlz ("a literacy and social media project for teens") organize an annual event wherein YA book lovers are encouraged to drop a favourite YA read (or two, three, more!) in a public place to celebrate Support Teen Lit Day. This year Support Teen Lit Day falls on Thursday, April 18th. Readergirlz creates a printable label like this (last year's):

And those rocking the drop can somehow attach it to or tuck it inside the books they're dropping so people know what it's all about. I also chose to write a personal little note inside the front cover just to further clarify that these books were meant to be taken and (hopefully) enjoyed, if not by them then by someone they know. You guys, it was kind of exhilarating. ☺

What I Dropped Last Year:

Clockwise from left: Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor, dropped at a Second
Cup; The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, dropped on a bus bench; Graceling
by Kristin Cashore, dropped on a piece of wall art at the college down the street. 

I felt all stealthy and whatnot, but I wasn't quite brave enough to skulk around waiting and watching to see if someone picked them up. I can only hope these awesome young adult reads went to people who loved them as much as I did (and still do).

So if you're interested in taking part in Rock the Drop 2013, don't forget to check the readergirlz blog every so often for updates and for the official 2013 printable label. It's a worthwhile event and a great way to spread the YA book love.


  1. I wrote a post about Rock the Drop too, but didn't publish yet. I'm waiting for the new printable label ;)
    I didn't participate last year, but I'm so gonna do it this year! Can't wait!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I hadn't heard the date yet. I already have a place in mind to drop!

  3. I'm picturing you dressed in black, creeping around with the Mission Impossible music playing while you covertly drop off books. Nice picks last year. I'm interested to know which ones you'll give away this year.

  4. Yay! I had so much fun Rocking the Drop last year, and I'm definitely going to participate again this year. I have an extra copy of DIVERGENT to drop, and I'm looking forward to choosing a few more awesome titles to share. My mom's going to be visiting me on the 15th, so I think I'll make her go covert with me. :-)

  5. I didn't do this last year, but I think I'm going to have to this year because it looks like so much fun! Now to figure out what to drop and where...

  6. I really want to do this this year! I need to figure out what books to drop--maybe some of my favorites that haven't gotten as much attention as I want them to--THIS IS NOT A TEST, INCARNATE, and SPLINTER as a 2013 debut. Just need to buy them. :)

  7. What a cool concept! I'd never heard of it before but how cool!

  8. I'm so glad you posted this. Last year I found out about it too late to do anything, but this year, thanks to you, I'm already formulating a plan! :)

  9. I've already been thinking about where I'm going to drop my books! Exciting!

  10. I've never heard of Rock the Drop before, but I've been seeing on a few different sites info about the Little Free Library program ( I live in a pretty rural area, though, so I'm not sure how well something like that would work out. Very cool that you dropped off some books -- hopefully you made some person's day!


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