August 28, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! CP/Beta Match-Up

Today is the Ready. Set. WRITE! critique partner/beta reader match-up! If you're a RSW participant and you're looking for one or the other (or both), feel free to leave a link to your match-up post here (or on the other host sites) and then pop around to other RSWers' posts and have a peek at what they're working on/what they're looking for. If you think you might be a match--a potential critique partner or beta reader--for their WiP, indicate your interest in the comment section of their post, send them a tweet, or fire off an email in their direction. None of my WiPs are in a state where they are in need of CPs or betas ("hot mess" about sums it up), so I'll just be cheering all of you on from over here. Hope you all make some good writerly connections today!

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