August 25, 2014

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 12)

Today is supposed to be a recap/wrap-up post for Ready. Set. WRITE!, but not gonna lie, I'm still in Europe mode (and at least partially still on Europe time...ughhhhh). I haven't given much thought to my writing in the past few weeks other than to feel a general sort of disappointment in what I've accomplished--or I guess, haven't accomplished--over the course of RSW. I wanted to get so much more done than I did, to get back into the habit of writing regularly and setting attainable goals for myself. While I did get into somewhat of a writing pattern through RSW, I'd be lying if I said this recent jaunt to Europe didn't feel like a total derailment all over again. I'm having a really  tough time even thinking about getting back to writing again. Could be the jet lag, but I also blame it on a lingering sense of restlessness that I always seem to succumb to after travelling. (It's pretty bad this time. I'm struggling to return to the "real world" and everyday life.*)

I didn't finish a first draft of my YA contemporary IN THE END. (Not even close.)
I didn't finish a revision of my YA sci-fi WATCH OF NIGHT. (Again, not even close.)

"the feeling of sadness or displeasure caused by the nonfulfillment of one's hopes or expectations." **

I'm definitely bummed, but it wasn't all a bust. I had some breakthroughs in my revision, which should make the going that much easier from here on in. And as for my other WiP? I added new words and figured some things out, both of which represent forward movement. Not exactly what I wanted, but still a whole lot better than nothing. SO, my goal going forward now that RSW is done is to take all of this disappointment and discouragement in not meeting my goals this summer and turn it into discipline and determination. (I sure do love alliteration. Can you tell?) I want to be so consumed by whatever I'm writing that all of the usual distractions lose their attraction. To be blunt: I need to stop being such a slacker when it comes to this process. 

Nothing worth having comes easy, they say. Time to roll up my sleeves, get my butt in the chair, and my hands on the keyboard.


In other less Debbie Downer-ish news, your RSW leading ladies are hosting a CP/beta match-up this Thursday for Ready. Set. WRITE! participants. If this is something you would like to get in on, check back here or any of the other host sites (Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, and Erin Funk) for links to fellow participants' posts with the details of their WiPs and to leave your own link.

Some things you might consider sharing in your match-up post:
• a love list, elevator pitch, or query description (something to give an idea of what your WIP is about)
• an excerpt
• genre/age category
• whether it’s a stand alone or series
• where you’re at in the timeline (ie ready for a beta/CP as of the end of summer or perhaps later in the fall)
• whether you’re looking for betas or CPs (or both)
• any warnings that might be applicable (ie only offer to beta if you don’t mind swearing, sex, drug use, etc.)

If you're participating in the match-up, you can pop around to other RSWers' posts and have a peek. If you think you might be a match--a potential critique partner or beta reader--for their WiP, indicate your interest in the comment section of their post.

Last but not least, I'd like to thank ALL OF YOU for taking part this summer in Ready. Set. WRITE!
Your encouragement and accountability has meant so much to your fellow Ready. Set.WRITErs!

* If you've ever eaten Ladurée macarons atop the Arc de Triomphe on a perfect Paris night, gone swimming in the frigid English Channel off the coast of Dieppe, France, and felt the wind whipping through your hair on the historically significant beaches of Normandy, I'm sure you'll understand why "real life" feels like a bit of a drag right now.
** Source.


  1. I know you and I both always feel motivated once fall rolls around. It's kind of like Meg Ryan's bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils line from You've Got Mail when she's talking about autumn. We'll keep each other accountable and give each other a swift kick in the butt when needed, okay? And there will be pumpkins and much tea. I can totally understand how you'd be having a tough time settling back into regular life after your trip. I was so fascinated by all the history you guys learned and the amazing things you saw. I told Liam all about it and he wants to go there now. I'm sure once the jet lag wears off and fall kicks in that itch to write will be back. :)

  2. Ahh! The after travel lull, good luck!!

  3. Welcome back :)

  4. Don't worry, you did great this summer. You'll get back in the grove in no time. Thank you so much for hosting this intensive and everything you've done. :D

  5. It's so hard to live in real life right after traveling! Don't be too hard on yourself. You were productive AND you got to spend all that time in Europe. That's a win in my book :)

  6. I bet you still accomplished more this summer because of RSW than you would have! The same goes for all of us :) Dude, also, you were in EUROPE. I'd give up half my word count if I got to go on such an amazing travel excursion! And you'll be back with the flowing words & revision before you know it, I have no doubt.

  7. There's still plenty of time to finish up your goals! You had an amazing summer filled with adventures, that's all that matters! And you gave a lot of other writers the motivation they needed to reach their goals :)

  8. I hate that you are discouraged! I did not meet all my goals, either, but I made progress on each and feel good about where I stand. I followed your posts all summer, and I think you did excellent. Life does get in the way sometimes — which is necessary and healthy — and it's my opinion you just have to readjust. YOU DID NOT FAIL at all, you just readjusted. Thank you for hosting and reading and encouraging all summer long!

  9. I haven't done those three things, and I still feel like real life is a drag- just after reading about them!
    Any progress is better than none. That's how I feel about it and that's why I'm glad I took part in RSW this summer- otherwise I would've done nothing!

  10. Welcome home! I love your honesty about how you feel right now. I think it's totally normal to feel a bit of post-travel let down. I assure you it will pass, and you will find your writing mojo again. You are an inspiration to me, and I really appreciate that you take the time to host these weekly blog hops. The routine really helps me. Great job, and have a great week,

  11. I don't think you should be disappointed at all! It is always hard not meeting goals you set yourself, but like you said, you did make progress. And you had an amazing trip. AND you (and Erin, Katy, and Alison) ran this whole thing. (Without which I wouldn't have a finished draft!)

    Now you know exactly what you want to do moving forwards, too, and I don't doubt this autumn/winter is going to be full of good writing for you. So go relax, pretend you're eating macarons in Paris again, and give yourself a break :)

  12. Hey, no one's going to blame you for having vacation hangover. I am the guiltiest of that! Besides, it's like you said, you did move forward and make progress. It's all good groundwork for what you can do with the remainder of the year. RSW helped me tremendously this year, so thank you (and the ladies) again for doing this!!

  13. I can totally understand how it must be tough to get back into real life after your amazing Europe trip! I don't think you should beat yourself up about it. Honestly, summer is a tough time of year to be productive. I had the same issue. I hope we both find it easier to focus on our projects this fall and get tons done. Hugs!

  14. Well, I think you did great this summer. You wrote and worked toward your dream, even w/setbacks, so that sounds like you won to me. Plus, EUROPE! Anyone would be a bit distracted getting to go there! Thanks so much for hosting, Jaime! It helped me so much this summer! *hugs*

  15. I definitely feel your pain! I wanted to get so much more accomplished this summer, but I also have to remember that I can only do so much and what writing I DID get accomplished is still more than most people ever consider doing. How many people say they're going to write a book and they never do? So keep at it! And good luck getting back into the swing of things. Traveling is so fun! Pick your next destination and allow yourself to watch a movie or read a book with that setting so you have something new to look forward to! And thanks so much for hosting RSW. It's been such a great form of accountability and I'm excited to do it again next year!


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