May 5, 2015


{Fun fact: What's Up Wednesday was based at least in part off of the Currently... post that had been circulating at the time. Thanks goes to Katy Upperman for starting this up again so we all have a way to touch base now that WUW is no longer.}

Making stickers for my planner. The things I do when I should be writing... Those of you who have fallen down the Erin Condren planner rabbit hole with me know just how pricey it can get buying stickers and other things to pretty it up. So I have been making my own! They're meant for writers who also like to plan, and I'm thinking of selling them on Etsy.

(They're not perfect, but I'm still piddling around with them.
And there will be many others in all different colours too.)

I haven't read very many books since I last posted. I finished OPEN ROAD SUMMER by Emery Lord and thought it was a pretty fun read overall. Next, I read Courtney Summers' FALL FOR ANYTHING, which was good though I guessed things very early on. I've read a few books featuring suicide recently, and I think it's just a bit too much for me right now. I'm currently reading STOLEN SONGBIRD by Danielle L. Jensen. I'm enjoying it, but I've been having a bit of a hard time focusing lately.

I'm binge-watching Gilmore Girls for about the zillionth time since it aired FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. Let that sink in for a sec, folks. (#old) I love revisiting Stars Hollow and its wacky cast of characters, though I forgot how obnoxious Taylor Doose is. I'm also barreling my way through Grey's Anatomy because I'm sick of dodging spoilers. I'm partway into Season 10 now.

Kirk, however, never stops being amusing.

Well, I can tell you what I'm not listening to: the latest Mumford & Sons album (released yesterday). Guys, I am sooooooo disappointed in this latest offering. I loved the "banjo-plucking, stomp-and-clap neo-folk"* Mumford & Sons. I mean, why the heck would you completely change your sound? All of my former favourite bands are dropping like flies. Florence + the Machine better not let me down come June, because I have had zero luck finding new music to add to my playlist lately.

Oh, about a million things at any given moment: What I have to do to find a job, what macaron flavour to bake next, which WiP to work on (my WiP ADD is out of control→I've worked on four separate WiPs in the past couple of weeks), the new baby Princess of Cambridge (Charlotte was my #1 pick if we eventually have a girl but not sure now**), how I've fallen a few books behind on my GR reading challenge, whether I should buy a print & cut machine to make and sell stickers...

My next macarons: Mexican Spice
with dulche de leche in the centre.
(The recipe can be found HERE.)

The flowering trees in our yard have buds on them! I'm so looking forward to when they're completely in bloom.
Oh, and the release of Sarah J. Maas' A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES today. I've been waiting on this one forever!

Last year's Nanking cherry blossoms.

For good things to start coming our way.
Todd and I are both pretty ready for that.

Sticker making and macaron baking.
Prettifying my EC planner each week.
Writing + revising, even if it is on four WiPs.
Sunnier, milder weather and spring in general.

So tell me, what are you currently up to?

* How iTunes classified Mumford & Son's sound...before this recent train wreck of an album was released.
** I have a friend who named her daughter Charlotte recently (it was already on my list ... oof), and now with the new princess being named Charlotte, I suspect the name is going to be VERY popular again. Like Emma, all thanks to Friends.


  1. Macaron baking sounds so fun! I really loved OPEN ROAD SUMMER but even MORE enjoyed/loveloveloveloooooved Emery's second book THE START OF ME & YOU even better. I felt like START was so much more relatable and dorky and adorable. Have you read that one? Good luck with finding a job and settling on a WIP! Charlotte is my grandma's name, so I don't mind the sudden rise of it - my grandma went by Lotte(Lottie) and of course it was a different time period when she was nicknamed this (1920s/1930s/1940s) so I think the new Charlottes will be more likely to be Charlies :)

    And I had no idea Mumford and Sons had a new (bad?? different??) album! I am SO behind on the time!

  2. I've been enjoying writing and spring. Macarons sound good right now, have fun!

  3. I'm loving the sunshine too! So nice to be warm. I've never rewatched Gilmore Girls since I first saw it, I might have to do that :)
    Good luck with the job hunt and I hope the second half of 2015 brings lots of good things your way.

  4. I can't wait to read ACOTR! It's sitting on my Kindle now. Enjoy the four WIPs! :)

  5. With so many people in the Erin Condren cult, I fear it's only a matter of time until I take the plunge. The only thing stopping me is how horrible I am at keeping up with journals.

    I really enjoyed Stolen Songbird. I randomly found it and read it, so I didn't have high expectations (I mean, trolls) and was happily surprised by how much I enjoyed it.

    I love how your "Thinking About" section puts finding a new job and the new princess side by side. Equally important in your brain. :) I wish you so much luck on that front (the job, that is, not the royal baby). My fingers are crossed you find something soon—and something you'll truly enjoy.

  6. Nice stickers! :D That journal looks soooo nice. Maybe next year. I'm pretty happy with this year's diary/calender set up.

    I've heard a few of the new songs from Flo's album. I'm reserving judgement until I hear the whole thing because I have waited *years* for this.

    Best of luck with everything :)

  7. Your stickers turned out awesome! I can see them much better here than I could on Skype. And those Mexican spice macarons look so delicious. You definitely have to try making those next.

    Trev & I sampled a couple Florence songs last night, and they sounded good--not as epic as some of her other stuff, but still the same style. I'm hoping the whole album measures up once it's out.

    I'm wishing for good things to start coming your way soon too. :)

  8. Your stickers are great! I bet there would definitely be people interested in them. (I would be if I got along better with planners - which I also love but am terrible at using...) While I wouldn't call myself a Mumford fan, I've liked what I've heard of theirs and agree with you about how the banjo really worked for them. I've only heard their first single off the new album, but it was just okay. :/ I'm currently digging James Bay and am still obsessed with Hozier. :)

    Wishing for good things to head your way soon! xoxo

  9. I haven't even listened to the new Mumford and Sons album. I adore their old music and as soon as I heard they changed their sound I've been scared to listen.
    I'm watching Gilmore Girls as I type this and ACOTR is sitting on a shelf nearby. I can't wait to start it!

  10. I seriously LOVE your stickers and planner pages on instagram!!! It's SO fun!!!

  11. I thought OPEN ROAD SUMMER was pretty great, but Emery's latest, THE START OF ME AND YOU, was as close to perfect as any contemp I've read in a long while. I usually like my contemps edgy and angsty and TSOMAY is clean and very sweet, but I totally adored it. Definitely an All The Feels book! Also, I can't wait for you to open your Etsy shop, Jaime. I'm going to buy you out! :-)

  12. I'm really going to have to try to bake some macarons. I didn't realize there were so many flavors! Sounds like you're in WIP central. And I'm curious about your etsy shop - can't wait to see it :)

  13. I've been slacking on reading, too, mostly b/c I'm not enjoying my current read but I can't NOT finish it. Being a person who has to finish every book sometimes really sucks :)

    I love the name Charlotte and all the other "classics" like Elizabeth and Katherine.

    I'm currently binge-rewatching Charmed. I've got dozens of other new things to watch in my Netflix queue but there's something so comforting about visiting old faves.


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