May 19, 2015


{Thanks goes to Katy Upperman for starting this up again so we all have a way to touch base now that WUW is no longer.}

My Silhouette Cameo. I haven't tried it out yet, but it's set up and almost ready to go. (Stay tuned for an Etsy shop geared toward writers!) I'm finally getting the hang of macarons. They're baking more consistently, and better yet, they taste wonderful. Love Friday Night Lights references in the books I'm reading. Clear eyes, full hearts...* Sunshiney gerbera daisies (they last SO long) and pound cake with berries and whip. #yum And, of course, the cutest company while I'm reading. ♥

It is taking me forrrrrrever to finish books these days. I guess I've been busy doing other stuff. Since I last posted, I have only read two published books: UNDER A PAINTED SKY by Stacey Lee (really enjoyed this one!) and BOOMERANG by Noelle August (a pen name for Veronica Rossi and another author → this one is NA and was only okay). I've also had the privilege of beta-reading a really great story this week. ♥ Currently, I'm reading ALL THE RAGE by Courtney Summers, which feels especially important and timely after a weekend of truly atrocious TV programming. (WAY too much sexual violence.)

Avengers: Age of Ultron and Mad Max: Fury Road. I thoroughly enjoyed both movies, though I didn't expect to like MM:FR as much as I did. The whole grubby dystopian thing kind of leaves me with a dirty feeling, but this was surprisingly good! The hype is merited. Loved Nicholas Hoult so much as Nux, I watched Warm Bodies again. Such a cute, totally clever movie!
I have odd taste in movie men: bald with weird markings, apparently.

One of my favourite things ever is when I'm sitting in a theatre watching a movie and all of a sudden I'm struck by just how incredible the score is. This happened to me while watching Mad Max: Fury Road. I've been listening to "Brothers In Arms" off the soundtrack repeatedly since watching the movie. There's just something totally epic about this piece.

Stressful regular life things mixed in with some good things. Such is life, I guess.

Also thinking about this great article by Chuck Wendig → We Are Not Things: Mad Max Versus Game of Thrones
(A discussion of sexual assault and female agency in both story worlds. WARNING: Spoilers for both GoT and MM:FR.)

It's almost time for Ready. Set. WRITE! again, and I'm so eager to get going! For those of you who don't know what RSW is, it's a summer writing intensive co-hosted by Alison Miller, Katy Upperman, Erin Funk, Elodie Nowodazkij, and me. This is the third year (fourth?) we've hosted this, and it's always tons of fun. More details will be forthcoming, but if you're curious, just check out the RSW tab at the top of this blog for details about last year's intensive. (RSW runs June through August.)

For a summer full of productivity, particularly on the writing front.
I'd LOVE to finish revising one project and continue drafting another.

Puttering around with photo editing software, making an Etsy shop banner I love and a plethora of RSW buttons.
It's fun learning how to do new things, and I'm always especially proud when I'm able to figure something out myself.
Oh, and I keep smiling (and craving ice cream) every time I see this sticker in my planner this week. #lifegoals

So tell me, what are you currently up to?

* Can't lose.
** Source: Mary Oliver


  1. I love that sticker, thanks for sharing!

    1. Isn't it fun? Makes me want ice cream. :-)

  2. I had ZERO desire to see Mad Max, but it's getting such awesome hype! My husband will be so happy when I tell him that maybe I want to see it after all. So excited to see that you're working on an Etsy banner! One step closer to me binge-buying all of the awesome stuff you make. :-) Can't wait to RSW with you again this summer, Jaime... Have a great week!

    1. You know, I really didn't love the idea of going to see Mad Max, but Todd was crazy excited to see it. (Making me watch Mad Max: Road Warrior certainly didn't help his cause, because ugh.) The new one is ~definitely~ weird and cringeworthy at times, but I enjoyed it.

      Now that I'm done puttering around with Etsy banners and RSW buttons maybe I'll actually get some sticker-making done so I can open up a shop already. ;-) I'm so looking forward to doing RSW again with you ladies too! Have an awesome week, Katy!

  3. Everyone seems to be talking about Mad Max. I think I'll have to watch it! I still haven't seen Avengers yet, either.

    I can't wait for RSW. A writer-themed Etsy shop sounds so cool! :)

    1. The Mad Max movies are super weird, not gonna lie. At times, I kept just thinking, "Whoa, this is bizarre" but I really enjoyed it nonetheless. There were some really good messages in it as well. Avengers was great, no big surprise there.

      I'm pretty excited about RSW myself. Anything that motivates me to write is a good thing. Have a great week, Emma!

  4. Can't wait for this Etsy shop! Sounds really cool! And so jealous of your AVENGERS viewing. It's one of most anticipated movies this year and we still haven't seen it. Hopefully fixing that this weekend!

    Have a great week, Jaime! Yay for summer of writing!

    1. I just need to get my butt and gear and start making stuff to sell in the shop now. :-) Avengers is really good, but that's not exactly surprising. I love all of those movies. Hope you get to see it soon!

      Have an awesome week, Alison! Can't wait to RSW with you!

  5. Love your picture collage this week! Your food photos are making me hungry!

    I totally didn't recognize Nick Hoult in that pic! I didn't realize he's in Mad Max. Speaking of which, I listened to Brothers in Arms the other night after you texted, and holy crow is it ever awesome! Definitely adding that to the writing playlist. Is the rest of the soundtrack good? Hope so! Your comment about bald movie men made me laugh.

    Hope the "stressful regular life things" aren't getting you down too much and that a great summer is in store for you! :)

    1. Effing Blogger just ate my response to your comment. Ugh. Anyway... I want more of that pound cake. And macarons. Still haven't made the Mexican spice with dulce de leche macarons yet. Soon!

      Nicholas Hoult is totally weird in Mad Max, but also kind of hot too. I know, I'm a major weirdo. I love that guy, though. I'm so glad you liked "Brothers In Arms". I can't stop listening to it. It's not on all of my writing playlists. LOL The rest of the soundtrack is good, but not as epic as that track.

      The stressful life things are still stressful and unresolved, but I'm trying to do other things that take my mind off of it. Hope this summer looks up!

  6. Hah, I had very little interest in seeing Mad Max too, but after everything I'm hearing about it, I'm really looking forward to seeing it! I saw Pitch Perfect 2 first instead and that was fun.

    Can't wait to see your upcoming etsy store, and yay RSW!!! I need the boost.

    1. Neither did I, Alice. My husband was sooooooo looking forward to it, but making me watch Mad Max: Road Warrior (from the 80s) did nothing to help his case. I was pleasantly surprised, though. I mean, it's totally bizarre and not my usual movie taste, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I still need to see Pitch Perfect 2, but that might have to wait a bit.

      I'm hoping this Etsy store happens soon, so I need to get my butt in gear. Looking forward to doing RSW with you again! :D

  7. Excited to check out your Etsy shop! I've followed you kind of off and on, but it's hard not to notice you have a good eye... :)

    And I totally forgot that RSW was coming up... to which I say YES!!!! I need the motivation!

    1. I'm hoping to get a shop up and running soon, so I really need to get working on stuff to sell in it. Most of it will be kind of geared to writers who plan as well, but who knows? Maybe it will branch out into all kinds of writerly wares. :-)

      I totally need motivation to write as well, so RSW couldn't come at a better time. Looking forward to it!

  8. I just watched GoT a few hours ago on DVR and my husband and I are still fairly traumatized. Ick, ick, ick.

    I REALLY need to read UNDER A PAINTED SKY but I've been super neglectful of reading lately. I think I'm making a reading goal for RSW - so many books, so little time!

    Can't wait for the Etsy shop unveil.

    And, because I can't not comment on this: aww....kitty :) As I typed that, one of mine coughed up a hairball. *sigh* I guess that's the price of enjoying fluffy cuteness.

  9. Oh I'm so glad I found this again. I love this idea of Currently...

    Loved Avengers! I haven't seen Mad Max yet but plan to soon, I saw Pitch Perfect 2 instead I was in need of some comedy.

    I haven't heard of the books before now so I'll go check them out further on Goodreads

    Have fun playing with your new toy. You are more creative than I on trying to make a banner :)

  10. I can't wait for your Etsy shop to open!
    I haven't read any of the books you mentioned but All the Rage is one I've been interested in.


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