June 2, 2015


{Thanks goes to Katy Upperman for starting this up again so we all have a way to touch base now that WUW is no longer.}

Good books. Cloudy lemonade (an adult bevvie). Brightly coloured washi tape and stickers. Sunny days. Flowers in our yard.

Since I last did a Currently post, I've finished three books: LOVE FORTUNES AND OTHER DISASTERS by Kimberly Karalius, which was a cute and fun read; THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART by Jessi Kirby, my new favourite read by this author ♥; and THE WRATH & THE DAWN by Renée Ahdieh, which for the most part I really enjoyed (loved the swoon!). Now I'm reading MOONGLASS by Jessi Kirby. She's quickly becoming one of my absolute favourite YA authors! (I loved GOLDEN as well.)

The hubs and I blitzed through season one of Agent Carter, which we both really enjoyed. Such a great character and a great time period. We've also been catching up on movies we missed in the theatre: The D.U.F.F. → totally fun even if it wasn't quite like the book (Mae Whitman + Robbie Amell were adorable); Kingsman: The Secret Service → odd but still very good; Maleficent → I really, really liked this take on the Sleeping Beauty story; and Exodus: Gods and Kings → enjoyable enough, and WAAAAY better than that Noah travesty, but mostly sort of meh (still mind-boggled by the casting choices).

Still totally hung up on "Brothers In Arms" off the Mad Max: Fury Road soundtrack. I may have a  problem, folks.

At the time that I'm writing this (Monday night), we've made the spur of the moment decision to hop in the car and spend the day in Banff, which is nestled in the Canadian Rockies. It will be nice to get away even just for a bit. And the Rockies are just beautiful, so I can't wait! Also thinking about a job interview I have scheduled for Wednesday. 0_o #nervous

Banff, Alberta (Usually overrun with tourists, but not too bad today.)

Lake Louise (Banff National Park) in the Canadian Rockies.

It's almost time for Ready. Set. WRITE! again, and I'm so eager to get going! For those of you who don't know what RSW is, it's a summer writing intensive (June 8th - August 31st) co-hosted by Alison MillerKaty UppermanErin FunkElodie Nowodazkij, and me. This is the third year we've hosted, and it's always tons of fun. For more details, check out this post!

For a general sense of contentment. For the ability to see and embrace the good things in my life and to place more value on them rather than on the things that bum me out, stress me out, make me angry. It bothers me that I find this tough.

Connecting with friends over great books, planner/sticker/washi nerdiness, and pretty painted nails. ♥

So tell me, what are you currently up to?


  1. Good luck with your interview!!! I also have a lot of trouble focusing on the moment - my brain is always buzzing with things that need to be done, etc. But your spur-of-the-moment trip seems like a good remedy :)

    LOVE Jessi Kirby! I need to read her most recent book - I've been hearing great things about it.

    And The D.U.F.F. argh, so many movies I need to catch up on, too!

    Have an amazing week :)

    1. Thanks, Jennifer. I'm...not sure the interview went all that well. I think I'm underqualified for it and was woefully unprepared for the interview itself. Ah well. Keep moving forward, right? The trip to Banff was just what we needed to de-stress a bit. I wish the weather had been a bit more cooperative, but the sogginess didn't dampen (har) our spirits. ;-)

      You should definitely read THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART. I loved it so much. The perfect summer read! Perfect anytime read, really. I'm thinking I might need to reread THE D.U.F.F. now because I can't remember how much it differed from the movie.

      Have a great week!

  2. Ah, you have read so much! I love how all the covers kind of go together. Very pretty! I still need to see The DUFF but am glad to hear it was fun. I haven't read the book, so there will be no comparisons for me. I also loved Kingsman!

    Banff is gorgeous, and that sounds like a fun, spontaneous trip. Sometimes those are the types of trips that help with the inspiration and de-stressing the most. Glad you had the opportunity to get away to somewhere so serene.

    Good luck with the interview!!! I know you'll do great!

    1. You know, I feel like I've been reading a ton and yet I'm still falling behind on my Goodreads Reading Challenge. I've wondered a few times if there's something screwy with the algorithm or something. LOL Anyway, I've loved the books I've been reading, so that's a plus. The DUFF movie was totally fun, but I kind of felt old watching it. Ha! That doesn't often happen to me while indulging in YA books and movies, but this time...

      I didn't know you'd been to Banff before. It's only about a 3 hour drive from here, so we try to get out there when we can. Sadly, not enough, but we always enjoy it when we do go. Both Lake Louise and Moraine Lake were a bit less busy too because of the rainy weather. Bonus! ;-)

      Have a great week, Alice!

  3. I need your "wishing" in my post today. I am letting way too many things stress me out and get me mad lately! Yes to all that you said! Also, I just finished THINGS I KNOW BY HEART and totally wins as my all time fave Kirbi book! So good!

    Looking forward to Monday, lady. And have so much fun on your trip!

    1. I think you and I might be very much on the same wavelength right now. I'm a giant stressball and am having a hard time managing it. Saturday was a complete write-off because I basically spent the day crying, fuming, sulking and unable to focus on anything or get motivated to do anything. Not cool. Here's hoping some good comes both of our ways soon! I'm so glad you loved THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART as much as I did. It was the perfect book for what I was craving. So good!

      Can't wait to get this RSW ball rolling! Have a great week, Alison! :D

  4. I loved Agent Carter! I'm hearing a lot of good things about THE WRATH AND THE DAWN, too.

    I tend to let things stress me out, too. I really need reminding to focus on the positive things!

    Good luck with the interview! :)

    1. There's so much to love about Agent Carter. I'm a HUGE Jarvis fan right now. Love him. ♥ Well, and Agent Carter herself is pretty darn kickass. I thoroughly enjoyed THE WRATH & THE DAWN, though I think I might have enjoyed it more had I read it in fewer sittings. My brain is kind of mush this time of year, so I usually stick to lighter fare on the reading front. I miss details and the flow of things otherwise.

      It's so hard to remember to focus on the positive and not get bogged down by the negative. I'm a huge stressball all the time, and I know that a lot of that is my own doing. Working on that for sure! Have a wonderful week, Emma! :D

  5. I hope the interview went well! Your trip looked wonderful I really want to get to Lake Louise while we are here.
    I need to stop letting little things stress me out too and focus on the good, it's hard!!!
    Looking forward to Monday :)

  6. Hope the interview goes well tomorrow. Your trip looked BEAUTIFUL. I also stress about so many little things and gosh I wish I could stop with a snap of my fingers or something. You are not alone in that Jaime. Have a good week! :)

  7. I just recently read MOONGLASS because I saw Sarah Dessen had blurbed the cover (If she told me to read a refrigerator manual, I'd do it) and really liked it. The mother/daughter stuff was great! I'm planning on reading more Jessi Kirby in the future (IN HONOR has been on my TBR forever), and I keep picking up THINGS WE KNOW BY HEART in the bookstore. I'll have to get it next time...it sounds great!

    1. Also, I'm 100% on board for this summer's RSW. Finally done with school and able to work writing (and supporting all the other participants) into my daily schedule. Thanks for hosting again, Jaime! :)

  8. I still haven't seen Mad Max yet. I need to catch up and check out the sound track. I loved Maleficent too and Kingsman was pretty good I liked the action and the way it was played out. Didn't care for the DUFF personally though I think it was just how they took the entire concept of the book and changed it (she wants to change herself to fit in and also the change in Toby and adding in a 'Mean Girl' just to do so) mini rant over. I think I might have enjoyed the comedy of it had I not read the book.

    Really looking forward to this RSW.


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