August 24, 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! (Week 12)

Welcome to WEEK 12 of Ready. Set. WRITE! We hope you all had a productive week! For those of you who are just joining us and are wondering what RSW is all about, it’s a summer long writing intensive through which we write/revise/plan like crazy, cheer each other on, and hold each other accountable with weekly updates. We will be sharing our goals and giving updates on our progress on Mondays and keeping our posts as brief as possible so we can save our words for our WiPs! Sign up on the linky at one of the host blogs each week, and don't forget to hop around to encourage other RSW participants.

As part of Ready. Set. WRITE! 2015, AlisonKatyErinElodie, and I will be giving away writerly care packages throughout the summer. At the end of the summer, to celebrate making it through three months of RSW, we will be rewarding ourselves with what we we're calling “Manicures and Manuscripts.” (See below for more details about this!)

Before we go any further, we need to announce the winner of last week's Writer's Care Package:

The end of RSW is upon us, and for this final week we will be treating ourselves to manicures! (You've probably noticed us mentioning Manuscripts & Manicures in the intro to our posts all summer.) Since everyone has been working so hard this summer, we thought it would be nice if we rewarded ourselves with manicures. And even better, manicures that somehow reflect our WiPs! Here's how it's all going to go down if you'd like to join in:

   • pick a nail polish colour(s) or design that reminds you of your WiP in some way
   • snap a pic of your manicure for your wrap-up post on Monday, August 31st
   • if you'd like, you can include an excerpt from your WiP to go with the photo
   • and/or just include an explanation of how your manicure reflects your WiP
   • feel free to share your manuscript manicure pic on Twitter and/or Instagram

Simple as that! We hope you'll join in the fun!

Happy Writing/Revising/Planning!


  1. Thanks for hosting RSW! Hope the new job is going well :)

  2. Looking forward to the manicure session! Will be neat to see what everyone comes up with. Have a great week!

  3. Entered today! What a great idea! I'll try to meet my goals this last week!

  4. The manicure idea sounds so fun. Now, with the additional challenge of the WIP... I do have ideas :)

  5. The manicure idea is so great! I hope I can get that done this weekend. :D

  6. Ergo, the Internet are my comment. Anyway, I love the manicure idea! I'll probably have to do a pedicure though since I barely have fingernails- they're so bitten! 😉

  7. Hi Jaime - Thanks for hosting this summer! Where did the summer go?! *sob* I hope your new job is going great and that you have some time to enjoy the end of summer.

  8. Thanks again for hosting RSW, Jaime! It's been SO motivating and I wrote a ton...already counting down to the next one! :D


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