April 12, 2016


It's been AGES since I last posted here on the blog, so I figured I'd join Katy Upperman this week and do up a Currently post.

Gemma Charlotte
I've been bombarding my Twitter and Facebook and Instagram friends with photos of this little chicken for a month and a half now (#sorrynotsorry), but I just can't help myself. We think she's pretty cute...even when she's being kind of a turd.

Sitting down with a book for any length of time has proven to be a challenge (see above), but here's what I've been reading:

I've been waiting on this series finale for ages now, but it is taking me just as long to read it, unfortunately. Lately, I've been finding that reading books on my phone's Kindle app is easier when I'm holding the baby. A thick, heavy hardcover? Not so much. Needless to say, chances to sit down with this one are few and far between. If only the baby would nap consistently...

I read CATCHING JORDAN, the first in the Miranda Kenneally's Hundred Oaks series, some time ago and enjoyed it. I've been looking for lighter reads lately as I find that they're easier to pick up and put down without losing the train of what's going on in the story. (Yet another reason why it's taking me so long to read THE WINNER'S KISS.) While I liked STEALING PARKER and found I could really relate to Parker's struggles with her church and the control it had over her life, I liked this one less than other contemporaries I've read recently. Parker read as young to me, even for a high school senior. Still, I do plan on reading more in this series and would recommend them to those who like sports in their contemporaries.

This one has been on my radar since Swoon Reads put out the call to vote on its cover. It's been described as an Austenesque X-Men, which hello. Right up my alley. I'm not very far in, but I'm already enjoying Evelyn's voice.

...A whole lot of Netflix and HGTV these days. I recently rediscovered HGTV and, in particular, the show Fixer Upper. I love all of the homes that Chip and Joanna Gaines renovate and decorate. I'm pretty much ready to pack up and move to Waco, Texas at this point. (A really small, not overly nice house here costs more than $300,000. Many of the houses featured on this show cost a mere fraction of that even with an "all-in" reno budget. And the final product is to die for.) As for Netflix, I've recently started rewatching Friday Night Lights, one of my favourite series ever. This show features some of the best characters I've seen on a TV show. Tim Riggins, Tyra, Matt Saracen... And if I can be even half as awesome a parent as Coach and Tami Taylor are, well, I'm golden. Julie Taylor, though...ughhhh. Worst character ever. On any show ever.

A whole lot of white noise to calm a fussy baby and get her to sleep. Good times.

When I actually had time to do things and it didn't take me a million years to actually do up a post like this, to finish reading a book, to make myself look halfway presentable, and on and on. Real talk: We've had a rough couple of days, Gemma and I, and more than anything I'd like to just push pause and catch my breath, without a fussing, screaming baby to deal with. I've cried more in the past six weeks than I have in years. Parenthood is hard, guys. So very, very hard.

More beautiful spring days ahead. To be honest, the winter went really fast and it was actually pretty mild this year, but with all of the gorgeous weather we've been having, I'm anticipating all of the even nicer weather to come. We got out for a walk for the first time this past week, and it was glorious. Gemma slept the whole time, which was absolutely wonderful.

That my family could actually meet my daughter. My siblings are spread out across the country and my parents moved to Ecuador at the start of the year, so there hasn't been the opportunity for visiting. More than anything, I'd just love to sit down in person with my sister and my little girl and just hang out. Skype visits will have to suffice for the time being.

So many things despite some of the grumping above: 

I'm so very grateful for the many friends--online and in my daily life--who have been so supportive, encouraging, and helpful with advice while I've been adjusting to this whole mommy role. Seriously, it has kept me sane when I thought I was legit losing my mind. 

Seeing my husband take on the role of daddy and doing such an awesome job of it. He's the best!

Stealing the odd moment (when I can) to read, pretty up my planner pages, or knit for a bit.
One day soon, I hope this list will include working on one of my many WIPs. Here's hoping.

This amazing slideshow my husband's cousin's wife put together of photos from the newborn shoot she did with Gemma. I love all of the pics, but my favourites are the one where she's yawning and the one where she has the flower in her hair in the basket. Todd and I didn't get nice wedding photos done (I so regret that), so we wanted to capture these early moments with our little sweetheart in the nicest way possible. Thanks again to Bree Friesen Photography for making that happen!


So what are you currently up to?


  1. Your baby is adorable! <3 But you're right, parenthood IS so hard! Sorry you've had a rough few days lately. It does get better! At least, the screaming eventually turns into words and more easily identifiable needs. Not knowing what the baby wants, for me, is one of the harder parts of the newborn time. Hang in there!

  2. I love Fixer Upper!! Congrats on your cute baby girl!

  3. I wish I could hang out with you & Gemma in person too. If only airfare wasn't so expensive here. We should definitely do Skype and tea sometime soon--not the same as a real visit, but still fun. I love the collage of Gemma's expressions. She's such a good mix of you & Todd that in some shots I can't tell who she looks like more.

    My copy of THE WINNER'S KISS finally arrived yesterday and I can't wait to read it. People have been raving about it and I'm afraid I'll see spoilers. Things have been so busy lately that I'm crawling through books too. We'll have to discuss when we're both done! :)

  4. Those photos of Gemma are just so adorable. The first few months are so hard and it must be tough not having your family near you. It does get better and they do sleep more :D
    Lovely to see you back blogging Jamie, I've missed your posts. Enjoy The Winner's Kiss when you get a chance.

  5. It's so nice to hear from you, Jaime! I've loved seeing little Gemma in my Insta feed. She is precious, and I hope she starts sleeping consistently soon so that you can catch your breath. I'm also really looking forward to the Winner's Kiss. Seems like it is satisfying fans, which is always a relief when it comes to series enders! I still need to read Winner's Crime though!

    Anyway, here's hoping for good weather and down time! xoxo

  6. Awww...the shirt (onesie?) in the first photo is cute with its literary theme. And your daughter is so, so adorable :)

    Sorry to hear you've had a rough few days and I hope things are smoother the rest of the week. I'm glad you posted an update, always great to know what everyone has been up to!

  7. I am so out of the loop! I didn't even know you were expecting! She's absolutely adorable, congrats! Sorry to hear it's been a bit rough. It was like that w/my son too. And given that I had a touch of the baby blues, yup, cue the tears. =) Hope things gradually become smoother as you all three figure out this wonderful new life together!

  8. Gemma Charrlotte is soooo adorable! I love seeing her pics on Instagram, so NEVER STOP POSTING THEM!!!

    As for FNL... I so agree with you on their amazing characters! I cried in almost every single episode b/c I felt so strongly for the characters. And I agree with you about Julie Taylor. I just could never understand what was going on with her, and I think maybe the writers didn't know what to do with her either. They didn't want her to be a cookie-cutter coach's daughter who does what she's supposed to all the time, but like, the way she treated Matt... it didn't make sense to me. I could talk about FNL for a really long time, but I won't haha! Have fun rewatching!!!

  9. Love the 100 Oaks series. Can't wait for the next one! And FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!! Such a good show. We were just talking about Chip and Joanne yesterday. I've watched a few shows and love it.
    She is SUCH a cutie, keep up with the pictures! And have no fear, those fussy babies grow out of it. Some days I swear my son was "broken" but one day the fussiness just stopped. You'll both come out of it on top. :D

  10. Pretty new planner stickers. <3

    I love all of the Gemma photos -- keep 'em comin'! And I promise it will get easier. I specifically recall Claire's first two months being chock full of emotional turmoil, and greatly lacking in sleep. But things calmed down as we established a routine, and suddenly parenting became fun. You got this!

    I hope you're able to find time to immerse yourself in the WINNER'S trilogy soon. I really think you'll love it, and I'd love to chat about it when you're done. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  11. Keep the pictures coming :) She's adorable! <3 Sorry you've had a hard time, I'm sure being sleep-deprive will make me go bonkers, and sometimes I get stressed with just Peter & Plato so I think you're doing great with a baby :) :) :)
    I didn't know your parents moved to Ecuador. I'm sure that adds to the roller coaster of emotions! Hope you get a few more reading moments, and continue to enjoy good shows!
    Let's talk soon again!

  12. I love seeing your pictures of Gemma...she's precious! Hopefully she falls into a routine soon so you'll have some time to relax and read.

    I totally understand how THE WINNER'S KISS could be hard to read in small blocks of time - the politics and mind games are so intricate, it's easy to lose track if you have to keep putting the book down. There were certain pieces I had to reread to fully grasp what was happening. Hope you have time to read it soon!

    Have a great rest of your week, Jaime! Hugs for you and little Gemma! <3


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