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Hi, my name is Jaime, and I'm a book junkie. Always have been, always will be. My childhood is a bit of a blur—mostly a good blur—but what I do remember is books, books, and more books. A particularly fond memory of mine is my mom reading Louisa May Alcott’s LITTLE WOMEN to me and my sister and getting us to take over during the sad part (you know the one). I blame credit my parents for my current all-consuming book addiction. Reading was always an important part of our lives, and still is today.

As a lifelong reader, it seemed only natural that my reading habit would lead to writing. Years of essays and the like later, I found myself inching closer to writing something a little less dull and lot more creative. After eight years of college, several stints as a barista, a short-lived career as a teacher, and an even briefer turn as a Special Constable (Phew! Lots o' jobs.), I found myself good and ready to do something I loved. Turns out that was writing. I haven’t been at this for long, but I feel as though I’ve found my passion, something at which I hope I’m better than mediocre, and a dream of getting published that I hope to one day make a reality. If nothing else, I’ve learned a lot about the craft and found a way to amuse myself and stay out of trouble...well, mostly.

Sirius-ly weird. Hardy har.

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